Eglinton East Dental

State-of-Science Technology

At Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East, we want you to have the smile you deserve as efficiently and effectively as current dental technology allows.

We are proud to offer our patients dental care using the following in-house technologies:

  • Invisalign®

    Dentistry@150 Eglinton East offers Invisalign® as a modern, metal-free way to straighten teeth as an alternative to braces.
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  • Oral Cancer Screening

    Oral cancer screening (OCS) may be the best way to detect oral cancer early, and our dental hygienists play an integral role in early detection.
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  • Digital X-Rays

    Digital X-rays are revolutionizing the way we take dental x-rays – and not just at Dentistry@150 Eglinton East.
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  • Picasso | Soft Tissue Laser

    At Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East, we use the Picasso by AMD Laser to treat gum disease, re-contour gums, remove lesions, perform biopsies, help eliminate infection and more.
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Treat yourself to a brighter smile at Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East!