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Oral Hygiene & Dental Cleaning

Regular oral health check-ups and dental cleaning by an oral hygiene professional at Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East will help keep your smile strong, healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

Oral hygiene and Cleaning, Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East

At Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East we believe that every smile should last a lifetime. Regular visits to your dentist for professional oral hygiene are important for maintaining a healthy smile. Together with regular brushing and flossing, we can help you maintain your dental hygiene.

So, how do you keep your smile bright, brilliant and beautifully healthy?

Regular check-ups by a professional oral hygiene expert and practicing good oral health habits at home are key. They can prevent small issues from becoming bigger concerns. Visiting your dentist every 6 months is generally part of a good oral health routine. Here are a few tips we have put together to help explain good oral health practices to maintain your dental hygiene.

Flossing & Brushing

Flossing and brushing regularly at home can help preserve the health of your teeth and gums. Most dentists agree brushing twice a day and flossing once a day can help maintain dental hygiene for good oral health.

The 6-Month Check-up 'Rule'

As a general rule, we suggest patients visit our dental hygienists once every six months to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy. However, a patient’s dental history and current status of their smile can also impact how often hygiene visits are recommended. Because every patient is unique, every treatment and dental hygiene plan is also unique.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss your oral dental care, and provide advice as to how many times per year you should visit the dentist for a cleaning.

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