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Night Guards to Help Teeth Grinding | Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East

The dental team at Dentistry @ 150 Eglinton East can help you with night guards to stop teeth grinding (bruxism) and decrease damage to your teeth.

Bruxism is a dental term used to describe ‘grinding’ or ‘clenching’ your teeth, usually during sleep. Teeth grinding can be a very painful and even damaging habit over time, which can cause your teeth to wear down, break, feel more sensitive and even lead to receding gums.

Why do we grind our teeth?

STRESS. The more stress you have, the more your body tends to subconsciously take over dealing with it. A misaligned bite – or malocclusion as it's called – might also be the culprit for clenching and grinding teeth.

How can we help repair the damage and prevent further injury?

A night guard can help reduce the impact grinding or clenching can have on your teeth. A night guard, customized to your mouth, creates a buffer zone for your teeth, covering them and keeping them from coming together and causing further damage. A night guard is not a solution to bruxism, it merely decreases the damage.

How we can help?

To bring teeth grinding to a halt, stress management is essential. With a malocclusion, we can help realign your bite with treatment, which should cease further grinding. If not, we can discuss further procedures to help ease your discomfort.

Whatever the cause, we would be happy to help any way we can to stop and repair teeth grinding damage. Whether you need a night-guard, advice about correcting and uneven bite, or just want a teeth grinding evaluation, we're here for you!

Find out how night guards can help.

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